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21st Century science, geometry and materials provide the foundation for the most advanced projectiles that have ever existed, period.

TROM FLIGHT is attempting to reset over a century of taught exterior ballistics doctrine

We have three FLIGHT products that were designed to tear down and rebuild our understanding of exterior ballistics one variable at a time.

Caliber Specific Max Effective Range
SUPERSONIC establishes a new baseline for distances that calibers can travel and effectively hit E-Type targets

Range Estimation and Elevation Adjustments
FLATLINE removes the need for ranging and elevation skill sets to provide a true point and shoot solution ensuring everyone is a world class sniper from 0 to 500m

Wind Calls
SUBSONIC eliminates the largest variable in the Probability of Hit equation: wind. Besides a six time increase in subsonic max effective range what we’ve all be taught about wind now has to be questioned.

Maximum Effective Range (MER)

The maximum range at which an average shooter can hit a human-sized target (US E-Type Silhouette) 50% of the time.

US NDIA MER Presentation

Exclusive Access to Elite Munitions

These various technologies and have been shot around the globe by elite military operators and intelligence operatives.

Let The Bullets Do The Talking
Don’t take our word, pictures, graphs, or testimonials at face value as to these claims. For a limited time and while evaluation quantities last we are selling a select number of boxes of each product for independent evaluation purposes. See for yourself what all the hype is about and report back to us and the community. Each shipment will request users to submit back a questionnaire and media upload as to the efficacy of the claim sets.

Everyone Else Can Purchase in 2018
General availability via distributors, buy groups, retailers, big box stores, and local dealers will begin in volume in Q2 2018.

Increase MER of Existing Calibers

TROM FLIGHT SUPERSONIC sole purpose is to take existing calibers and radically increase the established maximum effective ranges. End users will still have to have a solid understanding of ballistics and shooting techniques to achieve distances up to 125% further than previously defined by the US Dept. of Defense.

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Eliminate Range Estimation and Elevation Adjustments

98% of all outdoor ranges in the United States are 500 yards or less. With the FLIGHT FLATLINE .308 WIN you no longer have to do range estimation or elevation adjustments to ensure a positive hit on target. Once your rifle is zeroed at 400m it is literally point and shoot from 0 to 500m. Shoot like a trained sniper in no time at all.

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Elimiate Wind Calls Forever

The number one variable in calculating a shooting solution is wind. TROM FLIGHT SUBSONIC completely removes wind calls to newly established distances for subsonic ammunition. In .30 caliber variants subsonic distances are 600m MER without the need for wind calls. It has been tested in calm winds to blizzard conditions with winds gusting well past 50 knots with zero effect on flight path.