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Designed to enable people to shoot effectively at multiple distances without the advanced class and range work that is typical of modern sniper instruction. 12” +/- with a 400 meter zero ensures that wherever a target pops up, you’ll be there to tag it.

Trom Flight Flatline is also designed to limit the overall max flight distance eliminating collateral damage potential by over 94% in the .308 Win product.

  • Point and Shoot to 500m
  • Reduced Windage Adjustment
  • No Range Estimation to 500m
  • No Elevation Adjustment to 500m
  • 94% Reduction in Surface Area
  • 400m Zero

True Point and Shoot technology

We have three FLIGHT products that were designed to tear down and rebuild our understanding of exterior ballistics one variable at a time.

Caliber Specific Max Effective Range
SUPERSONIC establishes a new baseline for distances that calibers can travel and effectively hit E-Type targets

Range Estimation and Elevation Adjustments
FLATLINE removes the need for ranging and elevation skill sets to provide a true point and shoot solution ensuring everyone is a world class sniper from 0 to 500m

Wind Calls
SUBSONIC eliminates the largest variable in the Probability of Hit equation: wind. Besides a six time increase in subsonic max effective range what we’ve all be taught about wind now has to be questioned.

Reduces Collateral Damage Surface Area

Unlike traditional .308 WIN rounds that travel over 10km before dropping the necessary 18,000 inches considered to be an out of flight round, TROM FLIGHT FLATLINE drops 19,033 inches in 2.5km offering a 94% reduction in surface area.

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